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Woman! When I behold thee
Woman! When I Behold Thee, 1884
Was born on: 31.10.1795
About Author: English Romantic poet
Women doctors
Letter to Emily Davies, June 15, 1860
Was born on: 09.06.1836
About Author: English physician and feminist
Author Photo Source: Wellcome Library, London
Women over 40
Was born on: 10.03.1958
About Author: American actress, film producer, and former fashion model
Women's special mission
Little Women (1868-1869)
Was born on: 29.11.1832
About Author: American novelist, best known for the novel Little Women
Word of a good mother
Was born on: 19.06.1834
About Author: British Particular Baptist preacher
Work the way a cow grazes
Diaries and letters of Kathe Kollowitz, 1955, entry for April 1910
Was born on: 08.07.1867
About Author: German painter, printmaker, and sculptor
Author Photo Source: Corbis
Work to learn
Rich Dad, Poor Dad, p.155
Was born on: 08.04.1947
About Author: American investor, businessman and self-help author
Workers and owners
Rich Dad, Poor Dad, p.161
Was born on: 08.04.1947
About Author: American investor, businessman and self-help author
World has room
The Bear, 1928
Was born on: 26.03.1874
About Author: American poet
Author Photo Source: United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division
World without religion
Was born on: 30.10.1735
About Author: Second President of the United States
Worldly people
The Sickness unto Death (1849)
Was born on: 05.05.1813
About Author: Danish philosopher, theologian, religious author, and psychologist
Author Photo Source: Royal Library of Denmark
Write for yourself
The New Statesman, February 25, 1933
Was born on: 10.09.1903
About Author: English intellectual, literary critic and writer
Writing a novel is not a shopping expedition in an unreal land
Writing is a vocation of unhappiness
Paris Review (Summer 1955)
Was born on: 13.02.1903
About Author: Belgian writer
Years from now
Tea and Sympathy, 1956
Was born on: 30.09.1921
About Author: Scottish stage, television and film actress
You are wrong
To conference of sales personnel, in As Gorgeous As It Gets, September 15, 1986
Was born on: 01.07.1906
About Author: American co-founder of Estée Lauder Companies, a pioneering cosmetics company
You can't stay in your corner waiting
Pooh's Little Instruction Booklet (1997)
Was born on: 18.01.1882
About Author: English author and playwright, best known for his books Winnie-the-Pooh
You have to get away from where you are
The Lover, 1984
Was born on: 04.04.1914
About Author: French writer and film director
You think 60 is ancient
You're beautiful
Stay Beautiful, 2008
Was born on: 13.12.1989
About Author: American country pop singer-songwriter and actress
Young Americans in Paris
Le Divorce, 1997
Was born on: 28.04.1934
About Author: American-born novelist and essayist
Author Photo Source: Isabelle Boccon-gibod/associated Press Photo
Young man
The Count and the Wedding Guest
Was born on: 11.09.1862
About Author: American writer (William Sydney Porter)
Author Photo Source: NYPL Digital Gallery
The Partial View (1954)
Was born on: 25.01.1874
About Author: English playwright, novelist and short story writer
Yucky world
Georgia Nicolson's Book of Wisdomosity (2008)

About Author: British author and comedian
Zion Train
Lyrics from Zion Train
Was born on: 06.02.1945
About Author: Jamaican singer, musician and composer

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