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More skill to make love
Life, Letters, and Epicurean Philosophy of Ninon de L'Enclos, 2004
Was born on: 10.11.1620
About Author: French author, courtesan and patron of the arts
Author Photo Source: Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Neuchâtel
Never live without you
Winnie the Pooh (1926)
Was born on: 18.01.1882
About Author: English author and playwright, best known for his books Winnie-the-Pooh
Never marry a man of genius
The Age, March 20, 1936
Was born on: 14.01.1801
About Author: Scottish poet, writer and wife of essayist Thomas Carlyle
Nothing to lose
Eleven Minutes (2003)
Was born on: 24.08.1947
About Author: Brazilian lyricist and novelist
On Pierre Curie
Pierre Curie, 1923
Was born on: 07.11.1867
About Author: Physicist and chemist of Polish upbringing and subsequent French citizenship
Author Photo Source: Henri Manuel / Hulton Archive / Getty
She lov'd me for the dangers I had pass'd
Othello: The Moor of Venice (1603)
Was born on: 26.04.1564
About Author: English poet and playwright
Success at love
Interview in Life, January 20, 1967
Was born on: 23.01.1928
About Author: French actress, singer, screenwriter and director
Sweet person
Advice on choosing a spouse, New Yorker, September 15, 1986
Was born on: 01.07.1906
About Author: American co-founder of Estée Lauder Companies, a pioneering cosmetics company
Triumph of hope
Boswell's Life of Johnson, entry for 1770
Was born on: 18.09.1709
About Author: British author, poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer
True giving
The Soul of A Butterfly (2004)
Was born on: 17.01.1942
About Author: born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., American boxer and three-time World Heavyweight Champion
King Lear (1608)
Was born on: 26.04.1564
About Author: English poet and playwright
Virtue and beautiful women
The Analects of Confucius (475 BCE - 221 BCE)

About Author: Chinese philosopher
Want love from love
The Vagabond, 1910
Was born on: 28.01.1873
About Author: French novelist
When love turns away
Teacher, 1963
Was born on: 17.12.1908
About Author: New Zealand writer, poet and educator
Young man
The Count and the Wedding Guest
Was born on: 11.09.1862
About Author: American writer (William Sydney Porter)
Author Photo Source: NYPL Digital Gallery

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