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During a mathematics lecture
Quoted in J. E. Littlewood, A Mathematician's Miscellany, 1953
Was born on: 14.03.1879
About Author: Jewish, German-born physicist
Duty of citizens
Treasury for the Free World, 1946
Was born on: 14.03.1879
About Author: Jewish, German-born physicist
Dynamic exchange
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams (1994)
Was born on: 22.10.1946
About Author: Indian American public speaker, and writer on Ayurveda, spirituality and mind-body medicine
Author Photo Source: Mitchell Aidelbaum
Eating gives a spectacular joy to life
Shocking Life, 1954
Was born on: 10.09.1890
About Author: Italian fashion designer
Author Photo Source: LIFE Magazine, John Phillips
Ideas and opinions (New York, 1954)
Was born on: 14.03.1879
About Author: Jewish, German-born physicist
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, 1961
Was born on: 01.02.1918
About Author: Scottish novelist
Author Photo Source: MailOnline
Education and direction
The Republic (427 BC - 347 BC)

About Author: Classical Greek philosopher and mathematician
Einstein on common sense
Quoted in E. T. Bell Mathematics, Queen and Servant of the Sciences. 1952.
Was born on: 14.03.1879
About Author: Jewish, German-born physicist
Einstein on God
Inscribed in Fine Hall, Princeton University
Was born on: 14.03.1879
About Author: Jewish, German-born physicist
University of Massachusetts at Boston Commencement Address, 2 June 2012
Was born on: 04.08.1961
About Author: 44th and current President of the United States
Author Photo Source:
End up with the right regrets
The Ride down Mt. Morgan, 1991
Was born on: 17.10.1915
About Author: American playwright and essayist
Author Photo Source: AP
Endings and beginnings
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Was born on: 23.05.1958
About Author: American best-selling author, journalist, screenwriter, dramatist, radio and television broadcaster and musician
Energy level and results
Was born on: 29.02.1960
About Author: American self-help writer and professional speaker
Author Photo Source:
English and America
Reader's Digest, November 1942
Was born on: 26.07.1856
About Author: Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics
Enjoy your own company
O: The Oprah Magazine (2003)
Was born on: 01.09.1933
About Author: American politician
Enslaved in one vast love affair
Spinster, 1971
Was born on: 17.12.1908
About Author: New Zealand writer, poet and educator
Entitled to freedom
Speech to the people of Japan, May 3, 1948
Was born on: 26.01.1880
About Author: American General of the Army
Entrepreneur and investor
Increase Your Financial IQ, p.28
Was born on: 08.04.1947
About Author: American investor, businessman and self-help author
Equality and virtue
Eriphile (1732)
Was born on: 21.11.1694
About Author: French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher
Error and force
My Religion, Chapter XII
Was born on: 09.09.1828
About Author: Russian writer
Author Photo Source: US Library of Congress
Essential conditions of everything you do
Madesmoiselle, by Bruno Monsaingeon, 1985
Was born on: 16.09.1887
About Author: French composer, conductor and teacher
Author Photo Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Essential love
Enemies of Promise, 1938
Was born on: 10.09.1903
About Author: English intellectual, literary critic and writer
Every day I shall say farewell
An Interrupted Life: The Diaries of Etty Hillesum, 1987
Was born on: 15.01.1914
About Author: Dutch-Jewish woman, famous for her letters and diaries kept during World War II
Everything has its reason for being
Everything has two sides
The Story of an African Farm, 1883
Was born on: 24.03.1855
About Author: South African author, pacifist and political activist
Everything is wonderful in this world

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