Quotes on people

A strong nation
Message to Congress transmitting the Council on Environmental Quality's annual report, February
Was born on: 06.02.1911
About Author: 40th President of the United States
America where people can still get rich
Republican congressional dinner, Washington D. C., May 4, 1982
Was born on: 06.02.1911
About Author: 40th President of the United States
Americans form a people
Reader's Digest (2002)
Was born on: 29.07.1938
About Author: Canadian-American journalist and news anchor
Blind people have a mind
Esquire, 2003
Was born on: 23.09.1930
About Author: American musician
Clean environment
The Conscience of a Majority (1970)
Was born on: 15.07.1938
About Author: Former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from California, 1969–1983
Many tried, but none have found
Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1957)
Was born on: 10.07.1922
About Author: American author and playwright, best known for her humorous bestseller
People that value privileges
First Inaugural Address, January 20, 1953
Was born on: 14.10.1890
About Author: Five-star general in the United States Army and 34th President of the United States
Staying in a bad marriage
Health (2009)
Was born on: 23.04.1960
About Author: American actress
The newspaper is the bible of democracy
Liberty and the News, 1920
Was born on: 23.09.1889
About Author: American intellectual, writer, reporter, and political commentator
Author Photo Source: LIFE
The outdoor experience
Speech to National Conference on Outdoor Recreation, 1925
Was born on: 10.08.1874
About Author: 31st President of the United States (1929–1933), professional mining engineer and author
The world
Cabbages and Kings (1904)
Was born on: 11.09.1862
About Author: American writer (William Sydney Porter)
Author Photo Source: NYPL Digital Gallery
Time when people get tired of oppression
Address to the first Montgomery Improvement Association Mass Meeting, 5 December 1955
Was born on: 15.01.1929
About Author: American clergyman, activist and Nobel Peace Prize (1964)
Triumph against hostilities
Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation, delivered on December 8, 1941
Was born on: 30.01.1882
About Author: 32nd President of the United States
Author Photo Source: wikimedia.org
Why do people make religion seem stilted and unnatural?
The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking (1959)
Was born on: 31.05.1898
About Author: American minister, author, professional speaker, and a progenitor of the theory of "positive thinking"

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