Quotes on old

Art of governing
Letter to Lazare Nicolas Marguerite Carnot, August 9, 1796
Was born on: 15.08.1769
About Author: Military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I
It is how fast you learn that counts
Rich Dad, Poor Dad, p.204
Was born on: 08.04.1947
About Author: American investor, businessman and self-help author
Never dared to be radical when young
Ten Mills, A Further Range, 1936
Was born on: 26.03.1874
About Author: American poet
Author Photo Source: United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division
New teachings from old
The Analects of Confucius (475 BCE - 221 BCE)

About Author: Chinese philosopher
Physicians and lawyers
The Library of the English Prose Writers, The Holy State, The Good Advocate

About Author: English author, churchman and historian
The good fighters
The Art of War (512 B.C.)

About Author: Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher
The new old
Was born on: 22.04.1937
About Author: American actor, film director and producer

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