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A controlled mind
The Dhammapada (450 B.C.)

About Author: Indian spiritual teacher (Siddhārtha Gautama) who founded Buddhism. Born c. 563 BCE or 623 BCE Lumbini, today in Nepal. Died c. 483 BCE or 543 BCE Kushinagar, today in India.
Blind people have a mind
Esquire, 2003
Was born on: 23.09.1930
About Author: American musician
Coming to believe
The Art of Worldly Wisdom (1892)
Was born on: 08.01.1601
About Author: Spanish Jesuit and baroque prose writer
Free our minds of dogma
Billions and Billions: Thoughts of Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium, 1997
Was born on: 09.11.1934
About Author: American astronomer and author
Author Photo Source: redOrbit

About Author: Ancient Greek tragedian
Hanged in a fortnight
Boswell's Life of Johnson, entry for 1777
Was born on: 18.09.1709
About Author: British author, poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer
In this sense I am religious
My Credo, Speech to the German League of Human Rights, Berlin, 1932
Was born on: 14.03.1879
About Author: Jewish, German-born physicist
Joy of the mind
Correspondence authentique de Ninonde Lenclos, 1886.
Was born on: 10.11.1620
About Author: French author, courtesan and patron of the arts
Author Photo Source: Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Neuchâtel
Man who never alters his opinion
A Memorable Fancy, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1790-1793
Was born on: 28.11.1757
About Author: English poet, painter, and printmaker
Observation in life
Was born on: 22.01.1561
About Author: English philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist and author
Author Photo Source: National Portrait Gallery, London
Precondition your mind
The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking (1959)
Was born on: 31.05.1898
About Author: American minister, author, professional speaker, and a progenitor of the theory of "positive thinking"
Progressive development of man
My Inventions (1919)
Was born on: 10.07.1856
About Author: Serbian inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer
Memoirs of Madame de Stael and of Madame Roland , 1847

About Author: Supporter of the French Revolution and influential member of the Girondist faction

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