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Sun Myung Moon Quotes

spiritual leader

Korean founder and leader of the worldwide Unification Church

Photo Source: AP

accomplish ancestors anguish appearance belief believe body center child Christianity conscience contradiction cosmos create creation desire destination direction eternal world evil faith fall fallen feelings follow fulfill God goodness graveyard happiness harmony heart history human human aspiration human being human beings humanity ignorance inclinations individual instruct Jesus knowledge life light man material material world mind miserable misfortune mission ordinary origin parent people perfection person philosopher philosophy physical comfort potential practice providence purpose religion responsibility restoration sage sailor science scripture sea sins skepticism spirit world students teaching true truth Unification Church universe unrighteous virtue voyage will world

People and the purpose of creation
The Divine Principle (1996)
The centre of the cosmos
The Divine Principle (1996)

America business children death dream economy fear finance freedom God good happiness heart life love make money man men mind mistake mistakes money mother nature peace people politics power race religion rich science stock market stocks success time truth war work world


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