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John Keats Quotes

31.10.1795 to 23.02.1821

English Romantic poet


apartment awake Bacchus barrier beauty children compare describe die dream dreams fanatics fancies flippant fly forever fragile history human imagination invention lawyer lawyers life love loveliness matrimony monster monsters paradise pards perilous poem poetry religion rudder sails sect sensation stop suffering test thoughts tree vain woman women

Lawyers as monsters
Letter to George and Georgiana Keats, March 13, 1819
Life of sensation
Letter to Benjamin Bailey, November 22, 1817
Letter to Fanny Brawne, Oct. 13, 1819
Love is my religion
Letter to Fanny Brawne, October 13, 1819
Natural history of monsters
Letter to George and Georgiana Keats, Mar. 13, 1819
Woman! When I behold thee
Woman! When I Behold Thee, 1884

America business children death dream economy fear finance freedom God good happiness heart life love make money man men mind mistake mistakes money mother nature peace people politics power race religion rich science stock market stocks success time truth war work world


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