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Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes

15.10.1844 to 25.08.1900

German philosopher and classical philologist


atavism barbarism children clean company contagious contempt corrupt crime desire dirt disgust enemies escape esteem evil experiences exploit falsification fear friends God good hate heart ideal independence individual insights instinct irritable justifying kill kindness knight knowledge life love madness malice malicious man maternity mother nation noble object own passionate peaceful people pharisaism philosophers pity Plato poets praise privilege reason reproach sensuality shameless simplification soul spirit strange stronger suffering teacher think vanity virtues warlike weakness wisdom youth

Desire in the end
Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
Done out of love
Beyond Good and Evil, 1886
Going beyond
Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
Kindness and malice
Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
Make me stronger
Twilight of the Idols, 1888
Our own company
The Gay Science, 1882
Peaceful conditions
Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
The Antichrist (1888)
Poets are shameless
Beyond Good and Evil, 1886
Praise and reproach
Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
The surest way to corrupt a youth
The Dawn: Thoughts on the prejudices of morality (1881)

America business children death dream economy fear finance freedom God good happiness heart life love make money man men mind mistake mistakes money mother nature peace people politics power race religion rich science stock market stocks success time truth war work world


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