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Benjamin Franklin Quotes

17.01.1706 to 17.04.1790
activist, author, diplomat, politician, printer, satirist, scientist, statesman

American author, printer, satirist, political theorist, politician, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman and diplomat


advantage ambition believe cake creation days disappointments edges empire exalt fish flattered fortune freely generously idleness indignation invention kings lengthen lessen liberty life loves mankind meals others parliaments pride safety satisfy smell sour tax truth visitors

An empire is like a cake
Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One, The Public Advertiser, September 11, 1773
Lengthen life
Poor Richard's Almanack, 1736
Visitors smell
Poor Richard's Almanack, 1736

America business children death dream economy fear finance freedom God good happiness heart life love make money man men mind mistake mistakes money mother nature peace people politics power race religion rich science stock market stocks success time truth war work world


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