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George Samuel Clason Quotes

07.11.1874 to 07.04.1957
businessperson, writer

American businessman and writer


ability abundance action advice afford afraid age Babylon beginning budget burden business caution coins competent confuse consult control copper cost cure deride desirable desire desires determination dwelling earn earning earnings employment enjoy enjoyments estate Euphrates expenditures expenses experiences families family fortune friend future Goddess gold gold lender gratification gratify grow help house income inexperience investing investment investments keeping laws lean learning lender lesson life live living loss luck lucky man men money necessities old opportunities overstrain own owner pay pearl plant pleasures portion profitable protect protection purse quantity regret rich richest richness romantic safe satisfy seed simplicity slave spend trade treasure treasures tree tricksters truth way wealth wealthy wisdom wise work

A part of all you earn is yours to keep
The Richest Man In Babylon, p.21
Better a little caution than a great regret
The Richest Man In Babylon, p.88
The Richest Man In Babylon, p.105
Men of action
The Richest Man In Babylon, p.58
Take advantage of opportunities
The Richest Man In Babylon, p.57

America business children death dream economy fear finance freedom God good happiness heart life love make money man men mind mistake mistakes money mother nature peace people politics power race religion rich science stock market stocks success time truth war work world


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